Wedding Dress Shopping: Things Not To Do

A bride’s dream of buying her dream dress is a thrilling part of the wedding planning process. While shopping, however, can be both an exhilarating and overwhelming experience. There is no doubt that couples will experience a wide range of emotions during this particular time as they consider all the available options. Thus, there are some things to avoid doing to ensure a seamless and memorable new experience!

1. Don’t forget to schedule an appointment

Bridal salons usually require appointments. Set up an appointment before visiting a store that looks appealing. You don’t want to torture yourself by simply window shopping if you do not have an appointment.

2. Don’t forget to eat

Even though you may be trying on wedding dresses to look trim and slim, you should still eat a healthy meal before entering this journey. There will be many walking and changing dresses that are pretty exhausting, so eat well before the event!

3. Don’t wear the right underwear

When shopping for a wedding dress, not wearing the proper undergarments can cause the dress to fit entirely differently than it would if you were wearing the proper undergarments. This detail could influence your opinion of the dress, so be sure to pay attention to it! When you go shopping, choose a strapless bra and nude underwear.

4. It’s too many people

Your life is likely full of people who want to be a part of your quest to find the perfect wedding dress, but they don’t necessarily need to go with you. Having a lot of people there may make you feel like you’re trying to please everyone, so you may end up feeling overwhelmed. It can also be difficult, crowded, and stressful to shop for wedding gowns in small, busy shops. Due to this, limit your audience to those you trust and value.

5. Don’t wear too much makeup

Trying on wedding dresses while wearing a lot of makeup can cause the makeup to rub off on them. You will likely try on samples that have already been stained; however, you should maintain a more natural appearance so that this won’t occur to you.

6. Don’t Get Caught Up in Sizing

When shopping for a bridal dress, it’s not the same as purchasing a piece of regular clothing. The sizes on many gowns are smaller than those on regular clothing. Perhaps a dress that is a numerical size larger than you expected will fit you in that case. It’s not worth getting hung upon. Whenever you are in the process of finding your perfect dress, this sort of thing is completely normal to happen.

7. Don’t Be closed-minded

As you set out to shop for your wedding dress, you may have a vision in your head of how you want to look. You should, however, not be stuck in your ways when it comes to what styles you want to wear. Putting on wedding dresses can completely change their appearance. Take advantage of the attendants’ recommendations and try anything that strikes your fancy. Then you may find out what you like (and if not, you can try on some beautiful dresses).

8. Don’t forget to take pictures

Take photos in the dresses you try on with someone from your bride tribe. As a result, you’ll be able to compare afterward all of the gowns you like and decide which is most appropriate for you. As you mentally file through your options, you shouldn’t forget to try any or forget how a dress looked on you. 

9. Don’t put on a veil

When you visit the salon, make sure you try a veil with your favorite dress (if you plan to wear one). To see how the dresses look with other accessories, you can also ask your stylist to pair the dresses with others. Taking this step will help you better understand what you prefer and dislike about the big day.

10. Getting Wedding Dresses Without A Wedding Date

Our bridal consultants ask brides the first question they ask when they come into the shop because this determines the choices they have available when it comes to wedding dresses, Hanrahan explains. The bride with a short wedding date (less than four months) has fewer choices, as each dress is carefully crafted and altered. Our dresses are made-to-order – the materials and fabrics used to create them are sourced from around the world. The consultant will direct the bride toward her dream dress based on her timeline once she has a wedding date.

11. Having too many options

Brides who are overwhelmed by choices also make this mistake when shopping. There are so many options available via Instagram that brides are overwhelmed. Some brides get so caught up in the picture-perfect dress they see on a model that they only concentrate on it. The most overlooked part is how the dress will appear on the bride’s figure compared to the model?

You will have difficulty choosing a wedding dress if you don’t consider what makes you look good. Photos on social media channels such as Instagram and Twitter can be misleading.

Fortunately, the problem can be easily solved. These pictures can be used as inspiration, but remember that the dress may have a different translation once you try it on. Additionally, you shouldn’t be deceived by the color and quality of the dress. To combat any misconceptions, it’s imperative to purchase your wedding dress in person despite Covid restrictions.

12. You didn’t bring your wedding shoes

Not having the correct shoes is a lesser-known mistake made by brides when shopping. If you want to see how your dress aligns with your shoes, bring them or something similar. Bringing your wedding shoes to every fitting is a mistake bride frequently make that they may not be aware of. What are the reasons? The bride will have to arrange an extra fitting if she forgets her shoes, and the fitter will have to work overtime. Brides’ posture can be altered by the heel height and shoe type, affecting their dress fit.  


13. Not scheduling time for alterations

It takes time to alter your dress. Some customizations take weeks or even months. Knowing you will need alterations on most dresses will give you enough time to get them ready for your wedding.

Having a seamless shopping experience as you shop for your dream wedding dress will be made possible by avoiding this faux pas when shopping for a wedding dress.