Wedding Cultures From Around the World

The wedding traditions you are used to where you live may be very similar to the customs and traditions of your home country. Still, it’s interesting to learn how other cultures celebrate this momentous occasion. Here are just a few customs around the world, some from years ago, some still continuing today.

1. India: Henna Tattoos

Brides and their female attendants and other participants in the wedding are traditionally adorned with henna tattoos. Many henna artists offer a wide range of customization, and many of them will incorporate details from the groom’s name or initials into the bride’s henna design. As part of the ritual, the bride is supposed to be calm before her big day by getting the patterns applied. The designs represent the joy and love of the occasion.

2. Philippines: Dove Release 

It is common practice in the Philippines for newlywed couples to release doves on their wedding day. Dove releases are often believed to symbolize a harmonious and peaceful life for newlyweds. It is common for the newlyweds to keep the doves in a beautifully decorated cage or basket before they are released, so they can simultaneously open the door or top of the cage.

3. Venezuela: Sneaking out

Venezuelans consider it perfectly acceptable to leave their wedding reception before it ends-it’s even expected! Many couples are trying to get out undetected of the reception unnoticed, as it is thought to bring good luck for the couple to elude notice. Due to its long-standing tradition, guests have eagle eyes on the newlywed couple, making maneuvering tricky, but it’s an excellent way for them to celebrate the big day and get out early!

4. Germany: Sawing a log

As they say, the couple who saws together stays together! A large saw is used in Germany to slice in half a log in front of all of the newlyweds’ guests as part of the wedding celebration. In completing this task, they demonstrated the ability to overcome obstacles and work together, two qualities they will have to display as a married couple many times.

5. Australia: Unity Bowl

A unique Australian wedding custom involves guests directly participating in the celebration. During the ceremony, each guest holds a small stone that is typically brightly colored. After the wedding ceremony is complete, the guests place their stones in a bowl that the couple will keep remembering the love and support they received on their wedding day when they move into their new home together. The stones are sometimes used in place of guestbooks, with the guests signing them before they place them in the bowl or, in smaller ceremonies, the stones are given out to specific guests and signed so the couple always remembers which stone was held by which guest.

6. Japan: Sipping Sake  

One of the traditional wedding traditions in Japan entails the wedding couple and both sets of their parents drinking sake from the identical three cups during the wedding ceremony. Marriage signifies the union of two people and the coming together of their families. As part of a wedding ceremony, we perform this ritual with pride because it dates back to when sharing sake was seen as a formal agreement.

7. Sweden: Flower Crowns 

Flower crowns, which were popular among brides in 2019, actually originated in Sweden. Swedish brides traditionally wore bridal crowns of myrtle leaves instead of veils. In addition to the myrtle, some pieces were decorated with ivy or other leaves to give them a decorative flair.

8. Italy: Candy Confetti

The bride and groom receive colored candies as wedding favors from the exiting guests (you know, those little candies in cinch bags). It’s so good to know that five almonds will bring you health, wealth, happiness, fertility, and longevity.

9. Spain: Wearing Black 

The custom of wearing black down the aisle symbolizes “till death do us part” in traditional Spanish culture. When it comes to bridal fashion, we say, do whatever you want.

10. The Netherlands: The Wishing Tree

As an alternative to a guest book, the Dutch have a wishing tree. The event guests are encouraged to write short notes of good wishes and hang them from a tree branch or a small potted tree.

11. Africa: The Outfitted Bride

It is traditional for brides in African weddings to wear a wrap skirt, matching shawl, and matching headpiece. Also, the color of the fabric is essential. Purple represents royalty, gold represents prosperity, and the green represents life.

12. Morocco: A Wedding Week

Morocco is a partying nation. Up to seven days are often spent on a marriage celebration, with various pre-wedding rituals, preparations for the wedding (we like to dream about the bride’s pampering day), and of course, the feast of the day.

13. Wales: Lovespoons

We don’t know how many modern-day grooms could accomplish such a feat, but we’d delight in seeing them try it. As a symbol of romantic intent, men in the Welsh culture traditionally carve intricate wooden spoons.


14. France: Cream Puffs, Not Cupcakes

The French traditionally celebrate their nuptials with an entire tower of cream puffs, in the style of Marie Antoinette. The French have perfected the art of being decadent.

There are lovely wedding celebrations all over the world that are uniquely influenced by the couple’s culture.