Tips for an Eco-Friendly and Sustainable Wedding

Even though weddings are often characterized as wasteful, that’s not the case at all. If you want to lessen your wedding’s carbon footprint or reduce wedding waste, many eco-friendly options are available.

Naturally, it’s impossible to take care of every single one of these many ideas because they tend to overlap. Several of these suggestions may seem obvious, while others may appear to have little impact.

Small decisions add up to significant results when they are combined over time. Your choices throughout your wedding planning process create ripple effects. We all need to do our part to save the earth, and no action is too small.

Candlelight celebrations

Consider using candles rather than electricity to cut down on energy consumption. Candlelight creates an incredibly romantic glow that’s perfect for weddings! Whenever possible, opt for LED light bulbs, as they use 25% less energy than conventional bulbs.

You can repurpose wedding items around the house

It is good to buy items you can use at home as decor after the wedding so that your wedding purchases won’t go to waste. It is easy to remember your wedding by adding a sign to your home or adding a monogram to a card box.


Decorate your wedding with used items

Consider purchasing used wedding decorations from a former bride instead of buying new items for your wedding reception! The Facebook Marketplace or local buy/sell groups on Facebook are terrific places for us to look. You can browse the yardsale right from your smartphone app, which you already have installed.

Decorate your wedding with up-cycled items

Use items from around your house (or from your recycling bin) to create decorations for your wedding that will save you money and the planet. There are countless ways to create stunning centerpieces with recycled glass jars, tin cans, and wine bottles. When you don’t need to spend more, why do it? Plus, you won’t create any wedding waste since you’ll reuse something.

Make your wedding details natural by incorporating natural elements

Your wedding style can be enhanced by incorporating elements of nature. Place cards made of real leaves are a great way to let your guests know where to sit during the reception.

Eco-Friendly Wedding Favors

Handmade soaps

There is a growing interest in all-natural products. A mini natural soap will add a touch of luxury to your guests’ stay. For those of you feeling ambitious, you can make your own, or you can find large quantities of natural soap at many vendors. Look for soaps made from coconut oil, essential oils, palm oil, or almond oil. Labels with a message will help you customize them for your wedding.

Edible Favors

You can consider edible favors eco-friendly as long as they are packaged in reusable or recyclable materials. If you plan to give candy or other goodies to your guests, consider packing them in mason jars, which are easy to recycle once the guests’ jars are empty. You can fill your sweets with honey, coffee, or candy to please everyone. Consider this favor as well since it is relatively affordable.

A Reusable Shopping Bag

Reusable bags have never been in demand more than now when so many cities are enforcing a “bag tax” to discourage the overuse and waste of plastic bags. Give wedding favors in the form of reusable bags. In addition to being incredibly sustainable, these are a good idea because they can be acquired at various price points and in a variety of colors, styles, shapes,  and sizes. These can even be customized to be branded with your wedding colors and design for a truly luxurious wedding.

Air Plants

Guests will undoubtedly be pleased with the gift of green. A variety of colors and styles are available for these tiny plants, compact enough to be used as favors. With this wedding favor, your friends and family can breathe easier because houseplants purify the air.

Reusable Water Bottles

Reusable water bottles can also contribute to the health of the planet, similar to reusable shopping bags. Again, you can choose from affordable options to luxurious and splurge-worthy ones. A personalized wedding favor is another item that can be easily customized.

Create Your Bouquet

Make your guests’ day by giving them the option of building their bouquet as a favor. Your guests can create their bouquets by filling a small bag with flowers from your centerpieces. By doing this, you prevent centerpieces from going to waste, save money on favors, and contribute to the environment. Finally, you will be able to provide your guests with beautiful, fresh flowers!


As a sustainable wedding favor, sachets designed to function as air fresheners are a great option. Additionally, these are inexpensive to make on your own. For a natural and environmentally friendly gift, pack lavender into small bags yourself.


You can even serve your guests honey sticks or small jars of honey for a sweet, eco-friendly treat. While having a significant focus on nature, these are perfect for a rustic wedding.

Seed Packets

A seed packet or even a flower bulb can be a creative wedding favor that is both eco-friendly and convenient to transport (for you as well as your guests). Plants and flowers can match your wedding arrangements, so this is a fun favor that you can customize. As the seeds grow into plants, your guests will be reminded of you and your wedding day every time they look at them.

You will find a wide range of sustainable wedding favors available nowadays, making it easy to pick something good for the planet. Alternatively, more and more couples opt not to offer wedding favors and instead opt to donate to a charity, adding a note about it on their programs to alert guests of their good deeds.