The Modern Bridal Tradition of “Something Old, Something New, Something Borrowed, Something Blue”

The modern concept and longstanding bridal tradition surrounding “something old, something new, something borrowed, something blue” can be traced back to the Victorian era. Today, it is still a tradition that many weddings seek to incorporate as a homage to the past, present, and future. Let us take a closer look at how this bridal tradition has persisted in society, as well as some of the fun ideas individuals have come up with when incorporating this tradition into their special day. 


Something Old

Whereas “something old” used to be seen as a definite way to bypass the “Evil Eye,” it is now seen as a homage to the past. More generally, it is a way of honoring one’s past and the continuity it has presented in one’s life. Usually, something is chosen that presents a sentimental value. Examples of this include many items, including the following:

  • A Necklace, Bracelet, Ring, or Other Jewelry Piece of Sentimental Value
  • A Family Heirloom as a Means of Honoring One’sOrigin
  • An Older Piece of Clothing that Holds Significance
  • An Item from a Beloved Family Pet (Collar, Leash, Tag, etc.)
  • A Vintage Car to Leave the Wedding Reception In
  • Vintage Undergarments
  • An Antique Book
  • An Old Family Photograph

These are simply a few examples of the type of items that might be included in the “something old” category. Whereas someone may present you with these items, there are certainly no rules prohibiting you from picking out a few for yourself. 

Something New

Just how it sounds, “something new” is about looking forward in excitement and anticipation to one’s future life. A lot of times this will involve something surrounding your wedding, or a token of significance that you or your partner share in order to honor a new future that includes one another. This can be virtually anything, and below are only a few ideas of what could be used in this category:

  • Your New Wedding Dress
  • A Beautiful Veil
  • Your Wedding Shoes
  • A Custom-Made Ring Pillow
  • A Wedding Ring with Your New Last Name
  • A Special Piece of Jewelry
  • Matching Wedding Tattoos
  • New Cufflinks
  • Embroidered Throw or Pillow
  • A New Car to Leave the Wedding Reception In

This special token can certainly come from others, but it can also come from yourself. There are no rules about where or where not to obtain an item for the “something new” category, as long as it is well, new!

Something Borrowed

To find something special in the “something borrowed” category, consider borrowing something from a best friend, relative, or someone else who plays an important role in your life who is married and happy in their relationship. This category is meant to bring good luck to the new and happy couple, wishing them a lifetime of happiness and contentment. Here are a few ideas for the “something borrowed” category:

  • A Pair of Your Mother’s Earrings
  • Your Grandmother’s Wedding Comb
  • A Relative’s Wedding Gown, or a Piece of Fabric with Sentimental Value
  • A Familiar Wedding Venue
  • A Tie from a Friend or Family Member
  • A Friend or Relative’s Wedding Veil
  • A Nostalgic Piece of Jewelry

Since there are so many special items that can easily fulfill this “something borrowed” category, consider finding one that contains special emotional value or a sense of nostalgia. You cannot go wrong, as long as it is something that you cherish and has symbolic significance to you.

Something Blue

The “something blue” category can get quite interesting, and again, there are hardly any limits on it. In essence, the color blue is symbolic of fidelity, love, and purity, which is everything needed for a successful and happy union. In addition, this fun category presents you with the prime opportunity to spice up your wardrobe, accessories, and wedding venue. The “something blue” category lends an extra opportunity to get creative. Here are a few innovative suggestions that individuals have used to bring this category to life:

  • A Sapphire Necklace, Ring, Bracelet, or Other Piece of Jewelry
  • Blue Wedding or Dancing Shoes for the Reception
  • Blue Lace or Elastic Around Your Bouquet or Your Wedding Apparel 
  • A Turquoise Garter
  • Blue Flowers in Your Custom Bouquet
  • An Azure Wedding Comb
  • A Gorgeous Teal Handkerchief
  • A Cobalt Monogram Embroidery Item
  • Blue Hair or Manicure

As you can see, the color blue includes many shades and variations, including sky-blue, navy, indigo, cobalt, turquoise, teal, azure, and so forth. Since there are so many choices, shades, and variations to choose from, the custom possibilities of fulfilling this category and famous bridal tradition are virtually endless. 


The modern bridal tradition of “something old, something new, something borrowed, something blue” was taken from a similar tradition in the Victorian era and still is incorporated into many weddings today. The tradition is seen as a way of honoring one’s past, present, and future, and symbolizes the cohesive union of two individual yet intertwined lives of the couple in question. 

There are many ideas that can fill these categories, and the ultimate idea behind it is not to be rigid, but to have fun and get creative with each category. Usually, the items are tokens that close friends and relatives bestow on you, or you can simply take it upon yourself and collect items that are meaningful to you that you wish to incorporate on your special day.

Either way, the modern tradition is meant to bring luck and transfer a life of peace, happiness, and contentment onto the new couple, as well as bring a sense of joy, cohesiveness, and inclusivity to their new life together. The tradition of “something old, something new, something borrowed, something blue” has persisted to this day and there are many creative ideas for each category. This article is a mere list of suggestions and not a list of rules. It is up to you to make each category what you want it to be, so that you can have the special day you so desire.