The Best Experiences to Gift for a Wedding

If you have ever been married, you know that some wedding gifts just fall short of practical, and you always seem to end up with two of the same blenders. However, if you are wanting to break the chain of bad gift giving for weddings, then maybe you should consider gifting the happy couple with a one-of-a-kind experience that can lead to long-lived memories. So, avoid the registry, and gift one of these 9 amazing experiences.


Yoga is the ideal way to zen out every now and then. With a wedding weighing heavy on their shoulders for so long, after it is all said and done, some zen is what the married couple needs. A Yoga Retreat is a perfect way to decompress and unwind. Whether it is a local retreat or an exotic getaway like Mexico or Costa Rica, yoga is a wonderful way to find the inner peace that allows them to connect on a deeper level. Retreats can be pricey, so if money is a factor, maybe some classes at a local studio will suffice.

Sailing in the Sunset

The sun setting on the water is by far one of the most romantic views anyone can experience. A couple sailing the ocean as the sun sets in the distance is a scene straight out of a movie. This experience is the perfect backdrop for making long-lasting memories. If the season isn’t right for sailing, book it in the summer, so they have a gift to look forward to.

Night at the Theater

Scratch the surface of one of the most common bucket list items, and shell out for an experience that so many dreams of. A night at a Broadway show in New York City. No couple would soon forget seeing a show or two at this historic location. This is an extravagant gift because going to a Broadway show is more than a just theater; it is the life around the area too. Central Park and many restaurants surround Broadway, and a night at the theater could lead to a romantic walk and candlelit dinner. NYC too expensive for you? No problem! You will find many theater productions in other cities that are more affordable.

Weekend Getaway

While it is a tradition that the newlyweds go on a honeymoon to celebrate their union. However, once they realize that the honeymoon is over, they may find themselves in need of a vacation. The stress of marriage is as strong as the bond that leads to it. So after a few months, even a year, the couple needs a solid get away from life to reconnect. So a nice weekend getaway at a local hotel, B&B, or even something more exotic, is just what they may need.

Wine Tasting

Vineyards are often a sight to see, not just for the view either. With any good vineyard, wine is present. However, it is more than just that. This can be a beautiful experience that creates lots of memories for a newly married couple. It doesn’t matter if you are sending your married friends to Sonoma or a small winery. A tour and a tasting could make a weekend getaway in Washington State something they will always remember and cherish.

Cooking Classes

Regardless of the cooking level of the newlyweds, a cooking class is an ideal gift experience that can help the couple learn new cooking techniques and recipes. On top of that, they will be able to connect on a deeper level, making memories in the process. There are so many types of cooking classes, surely you can find the right classes for the married couple to bond.

Horseback Riding

Your friends will enjoy a romantic evening on the back of a horse as they travel down a trail surrounded by nature. This is one of the best times to connect. If you can’t treat them to an amazing trail ride from a local farm, then try booking a weekend at a ranch. Many ranches will offer horseback riding, some fresh air, and even a campfire or two.

A Day at the Spa

Weddings can be stressful. They are overwhelming, expensive, and difficult to arrange. That is why, when you are considering gifts for the bride and groom, you should offer them the gift of rest and relaxation. A day at the spa may be what the doctor has ordered, and it doesn’t even have to be post-wedding. In fact, you could schedule a weekend at the spa for the happy couple before their wedding. A way to spend some time together away from the stress of the planning. They can relax with facials and mani/pedis.

Casino Nights

Some moderate gambling, fun, entertainment, and tasty food, make casino nights a great way to let loose and blow off some steam. Arrange for their dinner, entertainment, and own VIP treatment at a local casino for an evening. However, to give them something they will never forget, you could always just book them a weekend stay in Vegas.

These ideas are perfect gifts for newlyweds who are looking to make memories with each other. These experiences will change lives and form bonds for the couple. These are not, however, the only experiences you can gift. Think long and hard, evaluate their bucket list and “must see” list. Find something they way to do, and let them do it together. Don’t give them another blender they aren’t going to want.