Sparklers for the Wedding Exit: How to Use Them

If you are planning to use sparklers at your wedding exit, you aren’t alone. There weren’t many places on the internet to find inspiration or guidance on using sparklers for a grand exit at a wedding instead of a more traditional item. Sparklers were not very popular at the time for weddings. We could find only a few photos that showed a grand exit being performed while guests held lit sparklers. To ensure that everything went as planned, we had to plan for hours. In the end, we had a wonderful experience.

The idea for a business that sells wedding sparklers came to me when we decided to start one. In making the process as simple as possible for couples, we made a personal commitment. The ideal situation would be for them not to experience the same challenges as mine. You will have access to everything you need, including the accessories. That is why we have created this guide to using sparklers at your wedding. You can now start planning the rest of your wedding without any confusion or issues. 

What Sparklers to Use for Your Exit

If you use sparklers to make your grand exit at your wedding, let’s assume you have decided to use them in your grand exit. Choosing the right sparklers is the next step. The available sizes range from small to large. Choosing the right size sparkler can be confusing since you’re probably not an expert. You can figure out the number of guests by looking at the size of the wedding. Aside from that, the length of time each one lasts is also important.

Today, most weddings have 250 guests or more, so 36-inch sparklers would be perfect for large weddings. Almost four minutes is enough time for you to watch them. It’s not necessary to feel rushed while in line at the exit. It is essential to understand that everyone needs to prepare in advance. To make it out of the party, everyone must have their sparklers lit. Wedding sparklers only 36 inches will give you enough time to accomplish both tasks.

Some couples prefer smaller weddings. It is, unfortunately, a bit overkill to use a 36-inch sparkler in those circumstances. For smaller weddings, 20-inch sparklers work best if you’re inviting 150 guests or fewer. The exit line will be shorter because fewer people will be lighting their sparklers. Therefore, one and a half minutes should be more than enough for this type of scenario. No matter how many guests will attend, it’s best to pick an invitation size of at least 20 inches. Usually, they are burned up before you reach the exit line.

Choosing a location for your wedding exit

An essential aspect of your wedding is choosing the location for your exit. As an afterthought, until you get married, it is often overlooked. Sparkler use is allowed only at specific venues. You will find it much easier to decide that way! You will be able to use other venues wherever you like. A closer look is required in those cases, in general.

An exit from the ceremony is usually held near the main entrance. It would be outside the chapel’s front doors if you were to say your vows there. The ceremony and reception are often held at the same place, however. In that case, another appropriate place would be in a nearby field or the parking lot. This should be done in a safe environment, and there should be no obstructions or safety hazards. Before you select a final item, your guests will touch an item that is on fire.

Planning and Coordinating Your Guests’ Positioning

The next step is to plan where everyone will be located once you have chosen a location. The bride and groom usually walk down an aisle to exit the reception, separated by two rows of guests. As a rule, make sure that your two lines are at least eight feet apart. That way, you can easily walk down the center of the aisle without worrying about bumping into lit sparklers that the guests will hold in their hands.

It would help if you also assigned someone to oversee your wedding exit. The wedding sparklers must be handed out to everyone, and they must coordinate the lighting of the sparklers in time. It’s typically best to start greeting your immediate family members at the beginning of the exit line as well as your wedding party.

Light the sparklers for your wedding exit

Sparklers are an excellent option for an exit line, but getting them all lit on time is one of the most important things. Sparklers fizzle out just as soon as they are lit, so it is crucial to light them at the right time. Each second that it takes to light all the sparklers eats into your timeline as you make your way down the exit line.

Candles and blowtorches are the two fastest ways to light multiple sparklers at the same time. You can light multiple sparklers at once with the large open flame so that you can move quickly down the line and light as many sparklers as possible. The use of matches or handheld lighters is a very inefficient and time-consuming ignition method, so it is advisable to avoid them at all costs. Ensure the person responsible for your wedding exit helps guests light the sparklers so the fun can start right away.

Hopefully, this definitive guide will take the guesswork out of using sparklers for your wedding exit. Our experiences and many other couples who decided to use sparklers for their exits during their weddings led us to develop these tips for you. Congratulations on your upcoming wedding!