Ideas For Preparing Your Special Renewal Vows

Renewing your wedding vows is just as important and wonderful as your wedding day. Renewing your wedding vows gives you a sense that there is so much more ahead of you and your partner that will be exciting and sometimes challenging. Marriage takes a lot of patience and hard work to have a lasting relationship. Your original wedding vows set you on a course of uncertainty while renewing your vows shows how you have grown together and want to share it with others. We will give you some ideas to help you create a celebration that is joyous and memorable for all.  Some of our tips include, how you can prepare for this special celebration. 

It’s a known fact, as we grow, we change. Our likes, dislikes, things we prefer to do now vs 5 or 6 years ago. Sadly, in some cases, couples will drift apart with feelings they no longer have anything in common. Other couples have not drifted apart but grown closer. It’s a wonderful testament that it has been well worth it. You have a deep commitment and a sense of union that will not end anytime soon.

How couples celebrate their renewal vows can vary greatly. Some couples want to spend time with family and friends while others want to spend time just as a couple to say thank you for the great times they have shared while thinking about the great times yet to come. 

There are many different reasons why couples want to celebrate their lives together by renewing their vows. Some couples started a business that has brought them great joy. Others have gone through difficult times due to health problems, or other unexpected issues, bringing them even closer together.  In many cases, the ceremony is a celebration of their lives and looking forward to a positive future.

The Reason For Your Celebration

The reasons why couples want to renew their vows will vary from one couple to another. Here are some great examples:

You have a significant wedding anniversary coming up such as 25 or 54 years together.

Your children are older and you want them to join in on the celebration. 

Your initial wedding was a low-budget event with few guests. Now you want a full-blown gala!

You have gone through some difficult times, worked them out, and are thankful for how strong you both are for it. 

Your partner has an illness that will end their life soon and you want to say goodbye with dignity and love.

Choosing The Location

Maybe you want to go to a place that holds incredible memories, like the place you went to on your first date!  You both love the ocean and want to have a celebration with a magnificent sunset as the backdrop, or spend the weekend at a 5-star hotel with amazing amenities. You should choose a location that will be either formal or informal whatever works best for you.  Maybe you will create a new memory you will remember for many years to come.

Your Guest List

Decide who you would like to attend your renewal vows. Maybe you want just close family and friends or the same people who attended your wedding.  Over the years, you have made many new friends and want them to be there. 


Invite those whom you and your partner consider close friends or family members. Once you have your guest list, send out invitations giving them the location, date, time, attire, and if meals will be served along with appetizers, desserts, etc. 

Invite Others Into The Celebration

You both have a close friend who has always been there for you. You would like them to participate in the ceremony.  They might read a special passage from a book you both absolutely love.  Maybe you would like your grandchildren to be a part of the celebration. They could write a short story about both of you or draw pictures of the day’s events. There are no rules or regulations, you can have a celebration that works perfectly for both of you. You don’t need a license, you don’t need a priest, minister, rabbi, or other clergies. 

You could top off the event with a fabulous dinner with your closest friends or a fabulous picnic with a breathtaking view.  Just make sure you have the budget if the sky’s the limit.

Your renewal vows ceremony can be absolutely anything you want. It can be casual, informal, formal, or elegant as all get-up, it’s your call!

Writing & Reading New Vows

You could use the vows from your wedding or write new vows including some funny moments you have shared over the years. You can take turns reading new vows you have both come up with. This could be a lot of fun for both of you and your guests. You can have friends or family members make toasts, tell some great stories, and choose someone to deliver the closing. 

Exchanging Rings Once Again

Maybe you would like to exchange your wedding rings again to symbolize renewing your vows. You might want to have renewal vow rings you can cherish for years to come.

Create A Unique Moment Just For You Two

Create your own unique ceremonial moment with candles, sharing champagne glasses, and order a wedding cake!  Maybe you have someone who is good at photography who would love to take pictures for your renewal vows album. I’m sure your family and friends would be thrilled to share some ideas to make this a very special day. Keep in mind, this ceremony does not have to be a repeat of your wedding day. Make it a unique moment to honor the years you have been together.  Write your own story that is just about the two of you and acknowledge your many challenges and triumphs, This is your very special day!

Make Up A Theme

Picking a theme could be as interesting as you want it to be and let guests get involved.  A style, a favorite movie, or a color could give you some great ideas.

Your Vows And Wedding Anniversary Could Become One

Mixing your vows with a favorite anniversary can be a great idea. Guests can bring gifts that are associated with a specific anniversary such as crystal, paper, or china. If budgets are tight, choose a gift that is not expensive but funny. Be creative and choose a gift that matches your chosen theme.

Arrange A Surprise Vow Ceremony

Why not get with friends and set up a surprise vow ceremony for your spouse? Everyone will have a good time and your spouse will be very surprised!


This is your wedding vow renewal, set it up in a way that fits your style and personality. There are no rules or regulations it’s all about the couple and guests having a wonderful time. You can be formal, casual or anything else. This is a celebration of the years you have spent together and still going strong. In other words, let your hair down and have a wonderful time!