Hosting a Non-Alcoholic Wedding

While it may seem that alcohol and weddings go hand in hand, it is actually very common for weddings to be planned as non-alcoholic. In fact, non-alcoholic weddings can be just fun, if not more lively, than a wedding that has an open bar. So if you are wanting to make memories without alcohol being a factor on your special day, but you are worried about hosting an event that is boring or dull, then check out these 8 tips for hosting a non-alcoholic wedding.

8 Tips for Hosting a Non-Alcoholic Wedding

Below are 8 ways that you can host a wedding without alcohol. These tips are ideal for having a wonderful time, making memories, and celebrating sobriety. As you will learn, the ways to host a sober wedding are abundant while maintaining the aspects of fun and lively. Without further ado, here are the 8 ways of hosting a non-alcoholic wedding.

Timing is Everything

One way to offset the fact that there is no wine, beer, or hard liquor is to plan your wedding around a time of day where alcohol isn’t as common. Maybe a morning or brunch wedding is more ideal for your special day. While hosting a morning/brunch wedding seems to be odd, it is an amazing approach to celebrating your important milestone without having to wash the memories down. This also comes with financial perks, as day and early weddings tend to be cheaper overall than evening weddings. Also, you can get creative with food matching themes or the time of the day.


Picking The Venue

When you are picking the venue, you want to keep in mind your goal. You want a wedding to remember, but you want to make memories without using alcohol. So consider unique venues that will create memories but not associate with alcohol. Libraries, aquariums, museums, and other unique venues are ideal for memorable weddings without drinking. Some of these venues won’t even allow you to serve alcohol at receptions. This is a tip that comes with additional benefits as well. There will be so much to discover and explore with venues like this, your guests may not even notice there isn’t a drink in their hand.

Planned Activities

While it isn’t a child’s birthday party, having planned activities is a great way to offset the lack of alcoholic beverages. There are plenty of activities, games, contests, and attractions you can plan to increase the level of fun at your wedding. Alcohol is generally a good icebreaker for getting people out of their seats and onto the dance floor. Well, with the right activities, you can have that same effect without liquor or beer. The DJ that you decide to hire should be aware that it is a dry wedding. They may be able to change their sets to be more interactive for the guests to keep them engaged.


Just because they don’t have a splash of rum or whiskey doesn’t mean a drink can’t be fun. In fact, it is common practice for dry weddings to serve mocktails. These are drinks that imitate the appeal of alcoholic beverages without using alcohol. Festive mocktails that match the season or theme will liven up a party more than you think. If you don’t want the image of alcohol but still want exciting drinks, consider a water bar. Different waters with fresh fruits, herbs, and rice infused into them. It will give appeal, flavor, and excitement to your reception.

Special Food Stations

While plated dinners are traditional, maybe you should opt out for special stations for your food that is more interactive. There are several benefits to this method of the meal. For starters, instead of having a meal served to them, your guests can mingle about as they browse your interactive stations of unique food options. This way of serving your guests will also make dinner time pass quicker due to the mingling.


We have mentioned that you can have aspects matching your theme, but your theme itself can help promote sobriety (or even fun without alcohol in general). Consider a 1950’s diner party that comes complete with diner food and milkshakes. This vintage theme is an excellent way to mask the absence of alcohol while bringing enjoyment and excitement to the guests. Your theme can be anything you want, and you can come up with themes that are neutral and alcohol-free.


You are able to hire unique entertainment to keep the attention of your guests without having to rely on alcohol to give them a good time. Unique entertainers such as dancers, jugglers, Capella groups, or even stand-up comedians can liven up a party without promoting the consumption of alcoholic beverages. This is a wowing tradition that will keep your guests talking about your wedding for years to come.

Healthy Conversation

Conversation at parties is to be expected. However, with a non-alcoholic wedding, you have to keep that conversation flowing. Think about the dynamics of your wedding. There isn’t any alcohol, your families and friends are meeting for the first time, and people are seated together that don’t know each other. Fun conversation games and games like 20 questions will get the guests chatting with each other and comfortable with communicating.

Final Note

Planning a wedding that is non-alcoholic can be a surprise to your guests, so warning them beforehand is advised. Consider putting it on your invitation or event page; that way, your family and friends are aware of what they can expect. Just remember, without alcohol, an event can still be memorable and fun. These useful tips will help you host a successful, fun, and talked-about non-alcoholic wedding.