Designing a Fun Photo Booth for a Wedding

Wedding photo booths have become a popular fixture at receptions everywhere. Several different types of photo stations can be used: a mall-style enclosed booth, a step-and-repeat-style reception area, or a selfie station complete with props. In any event, the photo booth consistently achieves one goal: interacting with guests and getting them up from their tables!

Even though you can hire a rental company to create and set up a photo booth, this is one activity that you can actually do on your own. I promise, even if you don’t know anything about DIY, you can set up a photo booth that everyone will enjoy for hours.

Up Your Backdrop Game

Photo booths are typically conceived as small boxes, enclosed by curtains, with a white background behind us. The traditional photo booth, sure. But who said it had to be traditional? If you choose a good background for your wedding photo booth, it will be more popular and more creative.

Choosing the right backdrop is not only important, but it should also not distract from the subject of the picture (your guests). Make your photo booth memorable by hanging streamers and mounting chalkboards with your wedding hashtag on them. Take advantage of the natural scenery if your reception takes place in a beautiful setting; hang up an IRL “frame” that guests can pose behind, and use it as the perfect backdrop!

Good Photos with the Amazing Lighting

Photo booths are no exception to the rule when it comes to good lighting. It would be best if you lighted your booth so that you can see your guests’ faces in the photos (even late at night). Make sure your friends’ faces are visible in every shot by placing a couple of lights right in front of the camera. 

Your photo booth can also be decked out with lighting and a glittery backdrop if you choose. Hang a cute neon sign or drape your backdrop with fairy lights. Don’t forget that you’ll need to compensate for adding some additional light by the camera if you choose to add lights to the back of your booth!

Play with Props

Photo booths are fun because there are a lot of fun props for your guests to use. You can wear wigs, silly glasses, cutout speech bubbles that have funny writing on them, and anything else you can imagine. By the end of the evening, even your most formal guest will be cheesing it up in a silly hat and a feather boa. 


On sites like Etsy, Amazon, or Party City, you can find many props for your wedding photo booth, from DIY kits to ones ready to use.  The key is to have a large variety of props available to your guests, not just a few that suit a particular theme (for example, rustic, vintage, or tropical). Be sure to provide cutouts and real-life items like hats and scarves so they can wear them. Your booth will be more popular because everyone will find something to like.

Advertise It

A photo booth is usually placed in the corner of the reception area or even outdoors. A busy photo booth can impede traffic around your reception space because you need room for many people to maneuver around (your guests, the staff of the venue, the caterers). A photo booth’s location, however, can often mean that guests do not notice it.

Don’t forget to tell your guests where to find the photo booth. Your DJ can mention it when guests walk into the reception hall or hang a sign pointing the way to it. It’s no secret that guests love photo booths (there’s a reason they’re at so many weddings). If guests know it’s there, they’ll head straight for it when they learn it’s there!


Make Sharing the Photos Simple

Today, everyone wants to have the perfect Instagram shot. You can do it in your photo booth as long as you can easily share your photos. Using a selfie stick is an easy way to make sure your photos can be shared.

Putting down selfie sticks with your props at your photo booth is a great way to save money. You can find them relatively cheap at stores like Target or Walmart. Your guests will be able to download their photos instantly, allowing them to share more photos on Facebook and Instagram! So guests remember to use your hashtag, be sure to advertise it right at the booth.

Examples of Great Photobooth Ideas

Sign With a Photo of Yourself

Make a selfie station out of polaroids (or selfie sticks). It can also double as a guest book filler if you use pictures taken at the selfie spot to create a sign. Ensure there are a few cameras at your catering stand so that guests can pose for a picture and then copy their picture into the guest book.

A Balloon Installation

Any celebration would not be complete without balloons, but their presence does not necessarily scream birthday party (unless that’s what you want). Any photo booth backdrop can be made fun and festive with a balloon display. Choosing an aesthetic that fits your wedding’s theme is no problem. We love the enchanted, celestial look here.

Polaroid Cut-Out Frame

Everyone loves standing in the photo frame, and a border always seems to calm people down. The gorgeous copper and greenery-accented elements, along with the newlyweds’ names, make this an absolute delight.

This simple guide will teach you how to set up a great photo booth that guests will love. It’ll be a great party, and your wedding day will be even more memorable with lots of shots.