Bridesmaids Dress Trends for 2021


Since the beginning of 2021, we’ve been searching for and gathering inspiration for bridesmaids dresses. Trends for 2021 include cream and earth tones and a throwback to the classic black and white. Also trending-jumpsuits and surprisingly they look great! High and cowl necklines are popping up all over the world.

These styles and trends create a decidedly fresh look for your big day. Here’s our rundown of the bridesmaids dress trends for 2021!


Bridesmaids in Jumpsuits/Pantsuits

Jumpsuits came on the wedding scene a few years ago. They are not only popular with brides but also bridesmaids. They are mostly chosen for a modern, minimalist wedding affairs as they offer clean lines and stress a minimal appeal. A white bridal party with a cream colored bridesmaid jumpsuit is a beautiful color juxtaposition.

Wide strap navy jumpsuits with cutout backs and ties. This is a more relaxed, comfortable wearing.

Cream Bridesmaid Dresses

2020 was all about the crisp white bridesmaid dress however 2021 is all about cream. Expect to see a lot of pearl and ivory shades with cream accents.


Earth Tones

This year we are seeing a surge in warm earth tones and even darker shades like rust, sienna and darker browns. This look has become increasingly popular with weddings in Australia.

Black is back!

Nothing is easier than classic black. Always versatile, black can be paired with almost anything if you can go out and shop. Expect to see a surge in bridesmaid dresses in classic black.