Boudoir Photoshops Before Your Wedding

Your wedding is one of the most emotional days of your life, from excitement, stress to fear and worry. Many brides will consider a boudoir or lingerie photoshoot before the big day to give the groom as a wedding gift. It may just be what you need to get your mind off of worries, but there are some common excuses women use to talk themselves out of a boudoir session. Below are some of the reasons you should consider it and some of the common excuses to avoid. 

Reasons to Take Boudoir Photos

They Make Great Wedding Gifts

Can you imagine the look of surprise when you provide him a photo album at the end of the night of various sensual photos of you? It will be something he can keep forever to cherish!

If he finds beauty in your worst hair days, just think of what will come to mind when you’re in professional makeup and lingerie that teases the mind! It could even be a side he’s never thought he’d see.

Even if it is not meant as a gift, it can still be fun to be pampered for the day with professionally done makeup and hair. Some women always put others first and tend to forget about themselves. That is why a boudoir shoot can be a great gift for your fiancée or yourself!

Boosts Self-Esteem

If you suffer from low self-esteem, getting pampered for a day and having a photoshoot can greatly boost your self-confidence. After all, having a professional stylist do your hair and makeup and a professional photographer results in some of the best photos you’ll ever see of yourself.

Combine that with sexy poses and lingerie, and you may just begin to realize how sexy you can be with a bit more confidence!

Afterward, schedule a night on the town as you’ll feel amazing. After all, your photographer will know just how to pose you for the best outcome based on your body type. 

Preparing For The Wedding

Having a boudoir session scheduled before your wedding day is the best time because you’re already preparing for the big day. You’re likely taking much better care of your skin than usual, possibly skipping on dessert, all to look your best. 

If you’re already putting in all the hard work, why not seize the opportunity to capture this amazing time in your life forever?

More Shopping!

You will need to shop for some nice sexy lingerie tailored for your body type that helps enhance your curves and all the best parts of yourself. 

What woman doesn’t enjoy more reasons to go shopping? By scheduling a shoot, it eliminates the feeling of guilt when shopping for unnecessary luxury items for yourself. Plus, you are likely to get a bunch of use out of them after your fiancée finds out! Now is the time to look into that lacey underwear or baby doll dress you’ve been eyeballing. 

Feeling of Empowerment

When you arrive for a boudoir session, you are going to be treated like a celebrity for several hours. That is empowering therapy for anyone, especially those with self-esteem issues. But, the biggest feeling of empowerment will come from after the shoot when you receive the final pictures. 

Most women are surprised by the resulting photos, not realizing how beautiful they can be. This could be all it takes to boost you for the big wedding day and possibly fix some insecurities you’ve had all along, such as areas you would like to be a bit bigger, smaller, rounder, or longer. You may realize how those things you thought were ‘imperfections’ are not that noticeable after all in the right light and pose.

Celebrate Your Engagement

You can use a Boudoir session to celebrate your new engagement and give yourself and your fiancée a memorable photo album. Because the boudoir shoot is focused on you feeling confident about yourself, you can choose any lingerie you prefer.

You will want an experienced boudoir photographer to get the best results. They will know the best poses to make the end result amazing, and they keep the whole thing fun. 

Test Out The Wedding Photographer

When it comes to the photographer, nothing is more important than how you get along with each other. A high-end, professional photographer ensures you feel comfortable. It is very important to be comfortable to get the most amazing wedding photos. 

Common Excuses

There are many common excuses used to avoid a boudoir photoshoot, including: 

Losing Weight

This is probably the top of the excuse list. Many times women think they need to shed pounds to get the best results. However, the photographer will pose you based on body type to ensure the outcome is amazing every time. 


Believe it or not, many never go through with it because they think they’re too old for sexy, sensual photos. The older you are, the more reason you have to celebrate life; what better way to do that than boosting confidence and self-esteem?

Nothing Sexy to Wear

Yep, another common excuse does not to have anything to wear. If that’s the case, go shopping! Make a day out of it if you want; just start looking for things you would feel comfortable wearing. It should be a fun experience. 

Some women prefer not to wear lingerie; if that is the case, then don’t. A boudoir shoot is not only about lingerie; the key is to be comfortable and enjoy it. If you prefer an oversized shirt, wear that!