Beach weddings: Pros and Cons

The breezy beauty of beach weddings and the romantic atmosphere are well-liked by many. The sound of the waves crashing against the sand and the sight of a spectacular sunset are two of the most romantic sounds a person can encounter during their lifetime. Many couples are interested in having weddings against this backdrop, but some struggle to decide whether this is the right option. If you’re trying to decide whether or not to have a beach wedding, we have outlined some pros and cons for you to consider.

Pros: It is a beautiful backdrop

Having your event on the beach provides a stunning, natural backdrop. The natural beauty is fantastic for your aesthetic, but it is also great for your wallet. You won’t need to spend much on decorations since the glistening waters, and sandy landscape is enough to make guests, and even yourself take a breath away. You may not even have to pay anything to use the space since you may be married on a free beach.

Pros: Romantic and panoramic views

The ocean plays an essential role in a wedding on the beach. You can use it as a backdrop as you say your vows, and its presence is unique to the whole day. It’s impossible to overstate the zen of a beach wedding than being surrounded by the ocean.

Pro: An atmosphere of relaxation

The big day should be a relaxing occasion despite the stress associated with wedding planning. A less formal and more relaxed vibe is what some couples want after all of the planning and preparations for their wedding day. The beach offers a luxurious setting for a wedding and reception. You can completely forget about your problems as you listen to the splashing waves and breathe in the warm, salty air, making this day one to remember.

Couples and guests alike can also dress more casually at beach weddings, which gives couples and guests alike a chance to relax. This makes for a relaxed event with men in linen suits and women in flowy maxi dresses, making for killer dance moves and all-around happy guests! You can also ditch your heels (or go barefoot because that’s the ultimate luxury) and wear comfortable sandals and flip-flops.

Pro: You Get Amazing Photos

Wedding photos are something everyone wants to take home as a memento of their special day. Beaches are beautiful backdrops, which makes them an ideal setting for capturing memorable moments on film. As you move from day to night, the colors of the sun will change, as will the photos, so you can pose by the water, near vegetation next to the beach, and with the changing colors of the sun.

Pros: It is really customizable

We couldn’t agree more that beach weddings can be for everyone. An anchor motif and navy and white colors may be part of one couple’s nautical and preppy beach wedding, while others will use a mix of patterns and colors and overstuffed pillows as seating for their beach wedding. The beach offers brides and grooms an infinite number of options for making their special events uniquely their own.


Pro: It is a Vacation Getaway for Your Guests 

It is possible to host your wedding or ceremony in your own seaside community so that your guests can enjoy a vacation while they are in town.

A beach wedding gives you the option of extending activities both before and after the ceremony. As a result, you get the chance to interact as much as possible with friends and family who accompany you to the event. Guests can choose from smaller events and excursions during the week, such as drinks on a boat, brunch outside after the wedding, and other themed celebrations.

Con: There’s a chance you’ll have an audience

If you’re having a wedding, then you’re likely to have an audience – your guests! You may find that beach guests will be present in addition to your guests. You will have to decide if you’re comfortable with your event not being entirely private because you may have an onlooker who likes to watch you exchange vows by the water.

Cons: You Have to Plan for nature

Sunsets and tides are two factors to consider when planning a beach wedding. Because the sun and ocean water directly affect the timeline of your wedding, you can’t ignore either when it comes to creating the timeline of your day. You don’t want to have your ceremony at night, and you want the beach to be large enough to accommodate your guests.

Con: Lack of accessibility

Before committing to this type of venue, if you have elderly attendees or those who have mobility limitations, consider whether they would be able to maneuver in the sand during your wedding. While it is evident that the focus will be on the couple, it is equally important that your guests be comfortable and able to attend.

Con: Weather is a factor

Beach weddings are indeed associated with some cons, including the fact that the weather can be unpredictable on your big day. In the event of rain or a colder day on your wedding day, you’ll worry about your beach wedding going off without a hitch. It also means that you may have to consider a contingency plan in the case of bad weather, adding another layer of planning to your plate. Beach weddings do have a drawback, which you should take into account before you sign on the dotted line.

Con: Saltwater, Sand, and Seagulls

There’s nothing wrong with these three elements, but they can cause havoc on your wedding day if not taken into account. Depending on the individual, the sand may be too hot or too hard for them to walk on. It’s a good idea to hold your beach wedding ceremony nearer the boardwalk rather than the ocean itself if you don’t want to encounter this issue. Additionally, you can also avoid your guests being accidentally soaked by incoming tides. You could also build a sturdy aisle in the sand to prevent people from sinking when they step out of the water.

You shouldn’t worry so much about stray hairs from a wedding style when using saltwater, as it’ll change the texture of your hair. A beachfront wedding is enhanced by the loose, flowing hair of the bride.

Finally, seagulls will generally not come close to food when there’s none around. Keeping them from diving down onto your guests and the meal on your wedding day is essential if your wedding reception is on the beach.


A beach is a beautiful place for weddings, but it may not be suitable for everyone. Before you make plans for these events, it is essential to look at the pros and cons, and this list is an excellent guide to get you thinking about both sides.