Advice for Your Wedding Budget 

Wedding on the horizon? The budget is the first thing to discuss. As soon as you have the numbers figured out, you can move on to the fun bits like finding a venue, finding a photographer, choosing a dress, and so on. Are there any hidden costs? We’re giving you Unexpected Wedding Costs you may not have thought of in case last-minute purchases pop up in the final weeks of planning. Adding all of these costs to your original budget could easily cost far more than $5000, so taking the time to check this feature is well worth it!

Makeup Trials

Brides need to get their makeup right, and getting it right isn’t easy. Often, trials are included in the makeup package price, but you may want to try out multiple makeup artists. If you do an in-person or virtual consultation with your creative team to discuss your style and any skin issues, or even discuss your personalities to see if you’re a good fit, the time you invest is worth it. The cost of trials can add up very quickly when brides have up to 4 (or more) trials. Most trials cost $50 each.

Hair Trials

You may need to visit your stylist more than once to decide on your hairstyle, so make sure to factor that into your budget. You will need an idea of what you want and images ready to show your stylist before your trial.

Wedding Beauty Prep

In addition to your professional makeup and hair on your wedding day, you will also likely want to consider any beauty treatments that you may want to get before your wedding, which could include everything from facials, teeth whitening, laser treatments, and skincare to hair removal and spray tans.

Bridesmaids Beauty

Don’t forget to incorporate these costs into the beauty budget for your wedding if you plan to pay for the bridesmaids’ (or your mother’s) beauty, such as manicures and pedicures, tans, and their hair and makeup on the big day.

Last Minute Beauty Treatments

The days before your wedding is when you will have any last-minute beauty treatments. The list of services can get a bit pricey, so be sure to set a budget before you begin. This includes hair color, eyebrow shaping, lashes, hair extensions, and manicure and pedicure appointments.

Male Grooming

Remember to include the groom in your planning! Consider both the male grooming before the wedding and the grooming on the date of the wedding, including hair care, beard and mustache trimmings, and hot towel shaves.

Day Before Outfit and Day After Outfit

What about the perfect ensemble for the day before or after your wedding? The wedding outfit for before and after the ceremony happens to be that one thing that is often forgotten but for some is essential.

Practical and Not So Practical Wedding Underwear

Underwear is an essential part of a wedding. It is essential that you wear the right type of underwear under your wedding dress, and getting the right type of underwear is not going to be cheap at all. However, once you see how great you look in your dress, you will not regret the price that you spent. Also, keep in mind that you may want to get a few racy lingerie things along with your garters for your honeymoon. 

Accommodations the night before the event

Your bridal party might wish to get ready at another hotel than the venue of your wedding or in a hotel suite, so you will want to plan for this and check-in/out times since you’ll need to book a room for two nights to have the morning to prepare yourself.


The bridal party and you will be starving by midday after a long wake-up call. When you’re getting dressed, you’re sometimes handed sandwich platters and champagne to help you with your preparations. However, these tend to be more expensive than you think. Don’t let additional charges surprise you. Ask about them early on.

Getting Married Outside

In some cases, there is an additional fee for “I do’s” that take place outside due to insurance concerns. This can be a fantastic experience, weather permitting. Before you set your budget, check with your venue first. Just in case everything goes well, pop the figure in your budget nonetheless!

Meals for Videographers and Photographers 

We have photographers and videographers with us all day, making your day a success. They are also going to end up being hungry as well. If you’re counting the number of meals, remember to add them in as well.

Gifts for the Bridal Party

It’s a nice gesture to give your bridesmaids or groomsmen a gift to thank them for their hard work after planning and preparing with them for the wedding for a year or more. For the ladies, jewelry gifts still rank highest, and for the boys, hip flasks, cufflinks, and fancy hip flasks top the list!

Presents and flowers for Parents and Other Family Members

The bridesmaids, groomsmen, flower girls, and ring bearers will need tokens of appreciation, so get them something to remember your day. It would help if you considered putting something aside for your parents or for anyone who has helped you. These gifts are about remembering those who helped and showed up for your big day and not how much money you spent on them. You will not have to be surprised later on how much you spent if you think about the cost now. 

Transport For Guests

You are generally not responsible for providing transport for guests; however, most couples choose to use private bus transportation if they plan on moving guests from one place to another or cannot reserve accommodations at the wedding venue. To avoid splurging at the last minute, make sure you plan this into your budget in advance.

Thank You Notes

You will want to thank your friends and family for joining you on your special day after the honeymoon is finally over. Getting some ‘Thank You’ notes made in advance can add to the value of a custom stationery suite. Alternatives include buying them individually on the high street or online. Remember to add the postage cost as well!